CLONEBOY CANDLE-SHAPED PENIS CLONER Create a replica of your penis in the shape of a candle. After the success of the first series, the Cloneboy team developed a new complete Cloneboy series, including a penis ring and extra casting material for extra reproduction that guarantees you a high quality 3D replica of your penis. . Our equipment can be used with penises of all sizes. Even bent penises. The Cloneboy® Create Your Own Dildo contains all the necessary objects to make a high-quality silicone rubber copy of your penis alone, or together with your partner. The Cloneboy contains no plaster that can irritate your skin and uses a medically tested casting material made from natural algae. The simplicity of the kit allows you to create your own Cloneboy in just a few steps. Unlike other cheaper kits the Cloneboy contains 2 standard bags of 3D Gel. You will always have a second chance to make a good impression of your penis, a cock ring that


  • Levertijd:
  • 1-2

  • EAN Code:
  • 8717953006332

Prijs: € 26.13

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